Man Shot at the Door of Gordon Bajnai’s Former Minister

Police arrested the man who fired several shots on the door of former Justice and Law Enforcement Minister Imre Forgács on Wednesday (1st December).

Prosecutor Presses Charges Against Two Iranian Men for Rowdy Behavior in Hospital

Charges have been pressed against two male Iranian citizens for shouting and acting violently last March when they were forced to stay in a hospital as a result of suspected Covid infection, the chief public prosecutor’s office said on Friday.


Bartók Spring International Art Weeks to Be Held in April

The 2nd Bartók Spring International Art Weeks presenting classical concerts and exhibitions will get under way next April in Budapest and several other cities.

Csontváry Painting Sets Record Starting Price for a Hungarian Work at Auction

Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka’s “Secret Island”, one of only a dozen or so privately owned paintings by the Hungarian master, is soon to be auctioned, and the enigmatic work has set a record starting price for a Hungarian painting at auction.

Actress Karola Csűrös Dies at 85

Karola Csűrös graduated in 1959 from the College of Theater and Film Arts.