Stress test shows euro area banking system resilient under challenging macroeconomic scenario

Average final CET1 ratio for 89 ECB supervised banks under three-year adverse scenario is 9.9%, down 5.2 percentage points from starting point of 15.1% Total includes 38 banks in EBA sample and a further 51 medium-sized ECB supervised banks Main drivers of capital depletion: credit risk, market risk and income-generation capacity For first time ECB […]

Euro area bank interest rate statistics: June 2021

Composite cost-of-borrowing indicator for new loans to corporations and for new loans to households for house purchase unchanged at 1.47% and 1.32%, respectively Composite interest rate for new deposits with agreed maturity from corporations decreased by 7 basis points to -0.29%, mainly driven by the interest rate effect, with interest rate for overnight deposits from corporations unchanged at -0.02% Composite interest rate for new deposits […]

Monetary developments in the euro area: June 2021

Annual growth rate of broad monetary aggregate M3 decreased to 8.3% in June 2021 from 8.5% in May (revised from 8.4%) Annual growth rate of narrower monetary aggregate M1, comprising currency in circulation and overnight deposits, stood at 11.7% in June, compared with 11.6% in May Annual growth rate of adjusted loans to households stood at 4.0% in June, compared […]