Global Village at the University of Debrecen

Local News University

The AIESEC has organised a Global Village in the courtyard of the main building
presenting various dances, music and dishes of different countries.Their local committee is 14 years old.

Well known that the corridors of the main building are always full with talking and studying hungarian and foreign students.
On the small tables were lined up the Turkish, Brazilian, Indian and other nations flags next to them plateswith dishes and snacks.
At 13:30 only the flags were intact, the food was cleared by the students.
But this was not the only interesting scene. A belly dancer was presenting her programme on the mosaics of the courtyard following the indian tones.
She was followed by five turkish dancers and then the scene turned into a dance class.
As a closing of the event the spectators were dazzled by the mix of nations.

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