The new city assembly and Mayor Kosa

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The new city assembly will have the first meeting on October 18, Monday. The Fidesz-KDNP is the most representative party in the city`s and county`s assemblies. Primeminister Viktor Orban will be also present in the City Council. Mayor Lajos Kosa remains in position.

Five parties are represented in the city assembly while thegeneral assembly of the Hajdu-BiharCounty consist of threeparties.The inaugural meeting of the city will be held on October 18, Monday. The County already had his meeting on October 14, Friday.

The Fidesz-KDNP alliance`s candidates won all of the 24 individual districts of Debrecen.

The new assembly has 4 Jobbik, 3MSZP, two DISZ and one Civil Forum representatives. The inaugural meeting of the City Assembly was on October 14, Thursday.

On October 3, Sunday at 19pm the polling stations were closed,than the votes were collected. The elections decided that three parties can send delegates into the new the 25-member County Assembly.TheFidesz, the Jobbik and the Socialist party have acquired more than 5% of the votes while the LMP failed to do so.

In the County`s Administrative Board the Fidesz-KDNP candidates obtained a majority of seats, with16 seatsout of 25. The Jobbik has 5 seats, the MSZP has 4 seats in the County`s Administrative Board.
Lajos Kosa acquired the 67.19% of the votes in Debrecen, so he will be the city’s mayor in the next four years.
On the basis of the polling data /100% of the votes/ Lajos Kosa received 67.19% (36,063 votes) of the votes in Debrecen. The secondwas the MSZP`s Zsolt Zsiroswith 13.17% of the votes (7,070 votes), the third Tibor Agoston from JObbik partywho got 11.72% (6,289 votes), the fourth was Csaba Tóth from DISZ
with 7.93% (4,254 votes).

"We mentioned that the coupon-collecting experiences predicts the result, both the individual district standings, and the mayor’s race, but I am very pleased forit and thanks for this support" Lajos
Kosa mayor said after receiving the results.

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