Problems at the Hortobagy Gene Preservation Ltd.

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At the Hortobágy Nature Conservation and Gene Preservation Ltd. tight quality assurance, inspection and certification systems help to promote organic farming. These economic activities are based on full documentation – said Zoltan Gencsi, the dismissed Executive Director of the company on Wednesday.

He was dismissed from his role without explanation on October 6. He said that the transfer process taking place right and the investigators still not revealed abuse identifying information or documents so in generally he can only respond to the charges against the former leaders of Gene Preservation Ltd. A retrospective study found out that during the last three years the leaders of the company signed irregular contracts with themselves, their families and friends to purchase feed. The companies entered into primarily and received 206 million 900 thousand HUF payments from the Gene Preservation Ltd.
The contracts are not affecting Zoltan Gencsi the former head of the Gene Preservation Ltd. He has never signed those contracts it was his deputy and other leaders who signed. The Hortobágy Nature Conservation and Gene Preservation Officers had rejected his statement and they said that they will go to the court and charge him.
Janos Orosz the legal representative of the Hortobágy Nature Conservation and Gene Preservation Office said to MTI on Tuesday that – so far studies have shown that – irregular contracts caused more than a
100 million in damage to the company. Zoltan Gencsi, the ousted director of Gene Preservation, said that the handover procedure did not reveal identifying information about the abuse before. The investigators terminated the employment of Zoltan Gencsi and Nandor Puskas (CEO of Hortobagy Fish Farm Co.) on 6
of October with immediate effect. Investigators found irregular integrator contracts which caused 100 million Huf damage to the company. Still not clear who is responsible for signing these contracts. The beligerents and former leaders turned against each other and charging each other at court.

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