Demonstration for the home birth

Local News

50-60 fathers, mothers, children, grandparents gathered in front of the Forum to demand to finally settle the issue of home birth on 18th of October.

The peaceful demonstration was the word of those who stood for the arrested Agnes Gereb and who also wants to settle the legal background of home birth. At present, the situation is that the Constitution allows the
mother to give birth outside an institution /at home etc/ but those who help her in this can expect punishment. Even if you have a qualified doctor or midwife next to you have to be careful. One of the organizers reminded the
press that Agnes Gereb dr. was banned from exercising her profession because she let the fathers into the delivery room.
They say that everyone has the right to choose where she want to give birth, where feel herself safe to do it. At home or in a hospital.

International data show that forty percent of the planned home birth ends in the hospital because of unforeseen complications. The doctors also vote for the hospitals where staff is prepared to the unpredictable problems.

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