Witnesses wanted!

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Debrecen Police`s Investigation Unit conducts an investigation based on suspicion of committing vandalism offense against a vehicle and its passengers.

A traffic conflict arised in an intersection on Szechenyi street around 4pm on October 15, 2010. D.SZ. and two companions got out of their Audi Q7 vehicle and stepped to a waiting Renault Scenic car and started kicking and spat on the door next to the driver. They also used rude words against the driver and its passenger.
The victim, said during the interrogation that the attackers used a white
colour Audi Q7 with foreign license plate /a fragment from the reg. no. is 7777.

The driver and passengers were soon invented, but denied that they commotted the vandalism.

In order to conduct successful prosecution the police calls the witnesses who saw the crime or have any information on what happened to report to the Police Station of Debrecen, Department of Investigation in person (4 Budai Ezsaias street, Debrecen. Building “D” I / 4 office ) or call the 06 52 516-400 / 2580 or one of the 107, 112 emergency numbers.

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