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We can not afford to leave either a single youth down – said Janos Halasz, the secretary of the National Resource Ministry when he held a press conference
inside the Reformatory of Debrecen (school and college for troubled kids and
teenagers) on October 28.

The National Resource Ministry has four detention facilities in Hungary: a girl and a boy institute in Budapest, an institute for boys in Aszód and Debrecen.
Here in Debrecen there are arrested boys who spending their pre-trial days and also those who have been sentenced already. Mr Halasz said that is alarming that the average age of those in remand is 15.6 and 16.4 years old for the young "prisoners".
The Institute’s education is also important because it documented the education of these youngsters prisoners which is not reflected back to their real level and knowledge.
In this situation it is particularly important the cooperation of the institutes of teaching and educating young people. He also added that is expected that the government will expand the institute next year, now they working to put together its budget.
Laszlo Magyar, director of the Institute’s said before the conference that currently there are 115 youngsters in the reformatory which was built to host 104 people. After the planned expansions another 40-45 youngster can have proper comfortable place inside.

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