It takes 19 years to finish University

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Each year nearly 1500 students sliding their studies because they did not succeed their exams. The new Higher Education Act will maybe end this practice. Who is not able to manage to meet the expectation of a subject twice in a row will have to say goodbye to higher education.

The leaders of the institutions backing the law but many students against the excessive rigor. The open debate upon the concept will run until December 10.
The new law on higher education can be reach the parliament on May.

Now the students are able to try to exam 5-6 times per subject. The new law backed by the Ministry of Education want to finish this practice with only let the students to try an exam up to two times. The students have different opinions.

The most important proposed amendments include: advanced level of GCSE, practical and aptitude tests, ensures greater interoperability between the subjects and take back the old-style teacher training system.
The main objective is to create high-quality higher education with tightened training conditions.

Istvan Fabian rector said that is quite often that for somebody takes 7 or 8 years to get diploma instead of the normal 5 years. The most interesting case in my career was 19 and a half years. He thinks that more rigor is
necessary otherwise more and more students will remain in higher education.

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