Geese Gourmets at the Kossuth Square

Local News

There is a saying in Hungary that “who does not eat goose on St Martin Day
will be hungry throughout the year”. This is still a living tradition.

The old tradition, that people celebrating theclosure of the year witheating geese. On that occasion they hold the second Goose Feast on St Martin`s Dayin Debrecen at the Kossuth square.

Theevent is not only about geese meals butmatching these with fine wines of Eger. The chefs use all parts of the goose setting up a delicious and spectacular menu associating with 50 variety of wines.

It is also very important to attract more peoplewith these kind of events.However this is the only event in Hungary where two major regional centers jointly organizing and put together what they got. Debrecen providing nice food whileEger offering delicious wines.

These programs not only target the audienceof Debrecen. They hope that a local artist and various programmeswill be spectacular for the residents of other cities and foreigners too.

Several artists will perform over the weekend: Buszkasi band (Eger`s deputy mayor, Mr Botond Razsi is the drummer), the Ecstasy band etc. Saturday the Dance CompanyBadora will performperformthan on Sunday, Flora Herczeg will sing Gabor Presser`s songs.

The event started on Friday Morning and will be over on Sunday evening.

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