Nursery Has Been Renovated in Szeged with EU Support

Local News

The Siha közi nursery will open its gates in Szeged on Monday. The building has been renovated with EU support from 363 million forints. Since 2017, six such institutions have been reconstructed in the city from almost 1.4 billion forints, the local government informed MTI.

The building of Siha köz nursery in Újrókus, Szeged was built of panel elements in the 1980s. The local government used HuF 314 million in European Union support and HuF 49 million in own resources to modernize the institution.

Thermal insulation and new plaster were added to the external walls, the old doors and windows were replaced with modern ones. The heating system was renewed, the flat roof was given heat and water insulation, and solar panels were installed on it. The water and electricity network and lighting fixtures were upgraded, the cladding and water blocks were renovated, the gym was expanded, and the salt room was relocated. Sidewalks were built and the yard was also renewed. Blinds were installed on the sunny facades of the buildings.

The reconstruction was carried out by HPQ Plus Kft.


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