Bears Came Out of Their Bear House in Szeged Zoo

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The bears came out of their bear house in Szeged Zoo on Wednesday, and although they were greeted by sunshine, they did not go back to the bear house.


Brown bears (Ursus arctos) have been cared for in the Szeged Zoo since 2015. It is a tradition that a bear watch is organized in the zoo on February 2nd. This year, those interested could also follow the event on the community page of the zoo.

The two bears in the zoo, Mici and Ursula, left the bear house very carefully. Vegetables, fruits, pastries smeared with honey and jam and fish awaited the animals. Although it was still snowing in Szeged in the morning, later, the weather became sunny.

However, the two female bears were not frightened by their shadows, they began to snack on the delicacies. They liked the honey croissant and the apples the most.

It is a tradition in many cultures around the world that they try to figure out the weather from the behavior of animals. These animal predictions have spread through oral tradition and have often been based on real experience. If there is a nice, mild weather on this day, the winter will be long. “When bears see their shade, that is, the sun is shining, they go back to their bear house because we still have a long, hard winter ahead of us. However, if you face the creaking cold outside, you feel, or maybe you know, it’s about to spring.”

The brown bears do not actually sleep in the wild in nature, they only rest for a short or long time in cavities dug into the ground, possibly in caves. In this case, the metabolism and heartbeat of bears also slow down. At times, however, usually in milder, sunny weather, they get out of hiding and have some food.


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