Statement Issued on the Honorary Title of Putin at the University of Debrecen

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In 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin received an honorary title from the University of Debrecen. The appointment had already sparked a wave of protests among the faculty (as well), and the first five days of the war against Ukraine had passed so that Putin, if only virtually, was the holder of the title.

The University of Debrecen finally published the following announcement on its website on Tuesday:

The University of Debrecen condemns all acts of war, sympathizes with the citizens of Ukraine, all the victims of the war, and is actively involved in providing humanitarian assistance, collecting donations, receiving and accommodating refugees, and providing medical assistance.

The University of Debrecen provides the following information regarding the award of President Putin civis honoris causa: According to the regulations of the University of Debrecen, a person nominated for the civis honoris causa award must receive his or her award at a public solemn senate meeting. Anyone whose diploma has not been awarded by the university is not the holder of the title and is therefore not entitled to bear it.

The repeal of the decision to award will also be on the agenda of the next regular meeting of the Senate, the announcement reads.

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