Wine Festival Organized in Szeged

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After two years, a wine festival will be held again in Szeged again.

Almost all Hungarian wine regions are represented at the ten-day-long festival, and winemakers come from across the border. In Széchenyi Square, visitors can meet several of the winners of the Wine Producer of the Year award, as well as the winners of the past three years: Csaba Koch with Hajós-Baja, Tamás Borbély with Beáta Badacsony and Nyúlné Pühra from the Etyek-Buda wine region.

A wine competition will be held again this year in connection with the festival. The judges, chaired by winemaker János Frittmann from Soltvadkert, evaluate about 150 excellent wines by blind tasting in a hundred-point system. The announcement of the results of the competition will be held on May 16th.

From this year, wines can only be offered in glass glasses at the wine festival, so disposable plastic glasses will disappear from Széchenyi Square, thus reducing the ecological footprint of the wine pattern and supporting cultured wine consumption.

In addition to fine wines, brandies and cheeses, gastronomic specialties are also on offer. Simultaneously with the wine festival, the Handicraft and Gastro Square starts in Klauzál Square and Kincs Square in Dugonics Square. In addition to wines and brandies, small-scale beers and gastronomic specialties can be sampled at these downtown locations, and nearly a hundred artisan exhibitors and smallholders will also be offering their wares.

Those who come to the festival organized as part of the Szeged Day Celebration Series will be entertained by various music programs. Jazz, blues and folk performers will perform on four stages in Széchenyi and Dugonics Square.


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