István Szalay, Former Mayor of Szeged, Has Passed Away

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Mathematician István Szalay, former mayor of Szeged, died at the age of 78.


István Szalay was born in 1944 in Hegykő, Győr-Moson-Sopron County. He graduated from József Attila University (JATE) with an honors degree in mathematics and physics in 1967. After receiving his diploma, he worked at the University’s Department of Analysis led by academician Béla Szőkefalvi-Nagy. In 1971, he obtained a university doctorate with “summa cum laude” qualification.

He received the title of Candidate of Mathematical Sciences in 1977.

Between 1981-86, he also worked as the deputy dean of education at the JATE Faculty of Science.

In 1991, he was elected the director general of Gyula Juhász Teacher Training College, a position he held for two terms. Until his retirement in 2014, he headed the Mathematics Department of the Teaching and Preschool Training Institute of Gyula Juhász Juhász of the Integrated University of Szeged, founded in 2000.

As a supervisor, he was a member of the doctoral school of Mathematics and Computer Science at SZTE. He was a regular speaker at national and international conferences for teacher training, including student talent management. The vast majority of his more than a hundred publications were published in English. He wrote a book entitled Exploded Numbers, which was also published in Germany.

István Szalay was elected mayor of Szeged in 1994 as a candidate of the MSZP-SZDSZ, then in 1998 he obtained a parliamentary seat as a candidate of the MSZP, and between 2002 and 2003 he was the government’s state secretary responsible for church affairs. After his retirement from political life, he was active in the civil sphere. He was the chairman of the board of trustees of the Szeged Közéleti Kávéház Esték Foundation.

István Szalay is considered by the Szeged municipality to be their own dead, and will arrange for his funeral in consultation with the family, they informed.


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