The afforestation of the Kállay grove in Szeged has begun

The afforestation of the Kállay grove in Szeged has begun

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As reported by the Szegedi Nap, the people of Szeged will soon be able to take possession of the Kállay grove – the Szeged County Municipality started the landscaping of the area in November last year, where, according to the plans, a playground consisting of several elements will be created, and in addition to the old trees in poor condition new ones are planted in their place. The tree planting started today, this was reported by Edvin Mihálik, the councilor responsible for the Green City program, on his official Facebook page.

“Today we planted saplings of silver linden, cypress, tall ash and pedunculated oak with local government representative András Avramov and László Makrai, the director of our environmental management company. In the next few weeks, the development of the Kállay grove will begin, we will install log furniture and create a new playground with 6 playground equipment,”

– he said in his post.

As the municipal representative also pointed out: The population of Újszeged is constantly growing, which is why it is also important that a new public park is created in this area, where the locals can relax near nature and, like Erzsébet Liget, children can also play near nature. for their safety, we are also building a fence around the Kállay grove.

The municipality is planting 100 saplings, which have been trained several times, to replace the old trees cut down in the Kállay grove. The goal is none other than to create a safe public park with new functions in Újszeged.

“At the same time, according to our plans, we will also plant a replacement forest in Törökkanizsa Street, in an area of three hectares, which is one hectare larger than the area of the Kállay grove. Personally, I am very happy that the people of Újszegedi love the Kállay grove and that there was such a serious commotion surrounding the cutting of trees there. This shows that the people of Szeged are nature-loving people and that the fight against climate change is also important to them. However, it was inevitable to cut down the diseased trees, as the ash and elm stands were very old,”

– Edvin Mihálik shared.

(Mihálik Edvin’s official Facebook page)

Photo: Frank Yvette

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