A new specialist leads the Continental factory in Szeged

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Following Sven Meier, Sándor Horváth will lead Continental’s Szeged factory from February, where they develop and manufacture textile-reinforced belts and oil industry and marine hoses designed for extreme conditions, the company group informed MTI.

According to the announcement, Sándor Horváth started his career at the Szeged site as an intern, then joined the Continental team as a technologist in 2007, and two years later as a production manager. After that, he worked as an operations and process development manager. Between 2022 and 2023, he performed global tasks as process development manager of Continental’s belt business. He returned to Szeged in 2023 as the operational director of the hose plant.

His predecessor, Sven Meier, headed the company’s Szeged factory from June 2020. After the end of his assignment in Hungary, from the beginning of the year, he will hold the position of factory director of Continental’s plant in Vinnhorst.

ContiTech Rubber Industrial Kft. can look back on more than fifty years of history and the factory has been operating since 2004 as a member of the Hungarian Continental group.

According to the company, three main activities are carried out at the Szeged factory. About 13,000 tons of raw materials for the rubber industry are produced annually in the mixing plant. The world’s largest number of webbing with textile inserts, mainly used in the construction industry and ports, is produced here, more than 500 kilometers per year. A significant part of the sales revenue comes from oil industry hoses with a very high technical added value, individually produced according to the needs of the customers. About 1,500 tons of oil industry hoses are produced in Szeged every year, which, in addition to the strictest safety requirements, must meet special requirements such as a depth of 3,000 meters under the sea or a temperature of minus 40 degrees. In this segment, in addition to production, the development center also operates in Szeged.

According to publicly available company data, the net sales revenue of ContiTech Rubber Industrial Kft., which employs approximately 570 employees, was HUF 58.765 billion in 2022, which was more than 54 percent higher than the previous year. More than 95 percent of sales in 2022 came from exports. The company’s profit after tax was HUF 6.35 billion in 2021 and HUF 21.718 billion in 2022.


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