Burglars caught by police


With the participation of a special constable police captured the perpetrators of a burglary in Korosszakal.

Outskirts of the town near a dam an off dutypolice officer who was fishing when he heard strange noise from the direction of the pump house.
It was not possible what causing the noise, therefore he called the Berettyóújfalu Police. The duty officer have sent out the patrol from Komádi Police Station, along with the head of special constables of the area and the dike sentinel.
The perpetrators unfolded the wall of the pump house and took the pump and other tools, when they heard the approaching men they left the stolen stuff and hid in the bushes. After scanning the whole area they found and arrested the two men.
They have caused 50 000 forints damage in the building, stelaing the pump worth 30 000.
Proceeding continues against the 34 and 24 years-old Körösszakáll residents.

HB County Police Press Release