Dead Body Found on József Attila Blvd. on Wednesday Morning


A body was found this morning in Szeged, on József Attila Blvd.


The news was confirmed by the Csongrád-Csanád County Police Headquarters. As they write, the police have ruled out foreign involvement, and the case is being investigated in accordance with the rules of general administrative procedure. A similar thing happened back in 2020 when a body was found at the tram stop on the corner of Rózsa street and József Attila Blvd. Even then, the death occurred due to natural causes, the police ruled out foul play after investigating the scene. Early on Tuesday, a young man hanged himself from a tree on Tisza Lajos Blvd. Several emergency services were called to this incident, and the man was transported from the scene to the regional hospital in a stable condition after resuscitation.

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