Man Kills Son Then Commits Suicide in Gyulafehérvár


Police found a 27-year-old man and his one-year-old son hanged in an apartment in Gyulafehérvár (Romania) on Sunday morning. According to the suspicion of the investigative authorities, the perpetrator acted out of revenge for his ex-partner.

According to the information of the Fehér County Police Headquarters, the child’s 25-year-old mother called the authorities at 1:00 a.m. on the emergency number 112, as she had received disturbing messages from her ex-partner, to whom she had entrusted the child. The police report adds that it was not clear from the man’s messages that the child was in danger. The man initially answered the phone calls and told the woman that the child was fine, but refused to reveal his whereabouts.

Later, however, he stopped answering the calls and did not open the door to the policemen who came to his rented apartment in Gyulafehérvár. Since it was a rented property, the police asked the owner, who lives in Torda, for permission to forcibly enter the apartment, but the owner did not agree to this, but instead drove to Gyulafehérvár to let the police in. However, the door of the apartment was locked from the inside, so the police eventually had to force their way in.

The father and the one-year-old child were found hanged and dead in the apartment. At the scene, police and forensic experts are trying to shed light on the circumstances of what happened. According to the Gyulafehérvár press report, the man left a farewell note on his social media page before committing the terrible act. This shows that his motive was that his former partner (the mother of his child) started a relationship with another man, and he could not handle his jealousy. “The experience gained in the family was the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had, as long as they deprived me of the opportunity to see my son grow up and develop, they stole D.’s first Christmas from me,” the father, R. Bogdan wrote in his farewell letter.

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