Slippery hazard


The traumatology of the Kenézy Hospital gave medical aid in 362 cases. There were 80 people appeared with broken limbs. Most of them fell on the slippery roads or sidewalks.

The spokesman of the hospital told the press that this number is not bigger than the average. This is probably due to the fact that people were able to prepare for the icy, snowy weather conditions.
János Szentgyörgyi suggests the public to be more careful on icy roads to avoid falling.

It is very important to clean the sidewalk sectionaround your house. The local government backing this with a regulation. If you not doing it you will be fined.

City inspectors patroling the city area daily,and report every slippery sidewalks. First they ask the owner to clean the section. If the owner miss to clean it they can fine from 3000 to 30 000 forints.
So far, the inspectors denounced the owners in 27 cases. The inspectors act as an official person (like a policeman on duty) so you have to follow their instructions.

DEOL 02/02/2010