The damage caused by painting graffities reached 2 million forints -said Csaba Fekete the chief commissioner of the Hajdú-Bihar County Police.

One suspect, a Mikepércs residentwas arrested by the police couple of days ago.

In the near future 55 million forints will be allocated to develop the CCTV system in Debrecen. Hajdúszoboszló and Püspökladány are working on a same project.
On Friday, on 5th of February, Police specialists, local government and civil society representatives held a meeting discussing the more effective actions, methods against the perpetrators.

They reviewed the most important steps of prevention.They formulated that only the prevention is not enough to achive goals sostill necessary touse sanctions against the perpetrators.
The earlier experiences when they organized legal graffiti events showed that these actsare not leading to a significantdrop of the illegal graffiti cases.

Well known the "Broken Window" theory: when a city district has a large number of broken windows creates the impression that the area has no owner. The number of illegal graffities increasing as well asthe crimes, prostitution, gangsmove inetc. Shortly after the house prices begin to drop drastically and the area become a ghetto.
In recent years the growing number of illegal graffities showed up in our country.
These crimes are one of the most irritants to the population.

Last year county police carried out 113investigations belonging to illegal graffiti but this data does not reflects the real numbers., DTV