New Reclassification Rules, More SZTE Students Can Stay in Subsidized Training


The board of trustees of the Foundation for the University of Szeged contributed to the decision of the Senate of SZTE, which significantly changes the conditions for the reclassification of students. In the new system, it will be easier to maintain subsidized status and fewer people will be transferred to self-financed trainings.


The government entrusted the development of new rules for reclassification to the managers of universities and colleges – it depends on them how many students with state scholarships lose their subsidized places each year and are transferred to a self-financed form of financing.

“Hundreds of the students of the University of Szeged are doing well with the change,” the university says in its announcement.

Due to the change in legislation, the amendment adopted by the Senate of the University of Szeged at the extraordinary meeting on August 19th, takes into account that “due to the health emergency, at the end of the academic years of 2019/2020 and 2020/2021, there was no study-based reclassification,  thus, in terms of academic averages to be achieved, the Senate takes over the statutory academic averages of the last academic year before the health emergency (2018/2019)”.

As is well known, at the end of the academic year, a student must be reclassified to a self-funded form if he/she has not obtained at least eighteen credits in the average of the last two semesters in which his/her studentship was not interrupted, or who has not achieved – depending on the faculties – 2.75 or 3 .0 weighted academic average.

The academic averages used for the reclassification have become more favorable for most courses, so many of the students of the University of Szeged can retain their subsidized student status, i.e. they will not be transferred to the self-financed form.

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