Commercial Accommodations Register 553,000 Guest Nights Over Easter Weekend


Commercial accommodations in Hungary registered 553,000 guest nights over the four-day Easter weekend, the Hungarian Tourism Agency said on Friday.


The agency said the number of guest nights was 40% more than the number spent over the March 15 national holiday, another four-day weekend this year. Domestic travellers accounted for 61% of the guest nights over Easter and foreign tourists 39%. The highest number of guest nights – 139,000 – was in the capital. Spa towns were the other most popular destinations. About half of guest nights were at hotels. Revenue at commercial accommodations came to 9.6 billion forints (EUR 25.9m), while catering turnover exceeded 18 billion forints over the Easter weekend. Bookings are already being made for the Whitsun holiday, a three-day weekend early in June, the agency said.


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